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Hair Replacement

Our methods are designed to make things easy for you. We start by giving you the knowledge of which hair system best equips your lifestyle. Book your free, no-obligation hair consultation at our Christchurch Clinic call 03 343 2624.

There are two different types of hair units available on the market today and they are Custom and Stock units.  We make both systems readily available for you to choose from and both are made from the highest quality human hair.

Custom Units

A hand made mold is taken of the hair loss area at our Clinic and then a custom hair unit is hand made from the mold to fit your head like a glove. The obvious benefits to a custom hair unit is the level of measurements that are taken for your specific size and pattern of hair loss. Getting an exact colour match to blend in with your own natural growing hair is also an important detail in the unit being undetectable and this is done by taking samples of your own hair.  Attention is given to the front hairline which is the key factor in achieving that natural look.  These units can be taped on or bonded to your scalp accommodating your convenience.   You will require 2 units per year, alternating the wear of  these units prolongs their life.

Custom units are individually hand made with the highest quality human hair and can be made in the hair of your choice - Remy and Virgin.  We also offer synthetic wigs, made from fibres such as Futura, Kanekalon and Eurofibre. 

Stock Units

Stock units are mass produced according to the most common color denominator and hair loss sizes. They are sold "as is" and off-the-shelf, they can be an inexpensive way to buy. However, many people have a more unique hair loss pattern than the standard horseshoe and the shape and the colour to your own hair is not an exact match. Our stock units are made from remy hair. These units are available immediately and are  known as disposable programs,  you will require 3 - 4 of these units per year.  

Wigs & Hair Pieces

We are suppliers of Jon Renau wigs and hold an extensive stock of high quality wigs for men, women and children.  We have wigs for temporary or permanent hair loss, these wigs are available in real human hair or synthetic fiber.  The Jon Renau collection has over 125 different styles and over 100 salon inspired colors, giving men, women and children the freedom to choose. We chose Jon Renau because of their fantastic color selection and attention to detail, we have your natural beauty at heart and found that Jon Renau strives to provide the finest quality, the best value and the highest customer satisfaction. We welcome you to discover all Jon Renau has to offer.